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Hi! I'm Whitney. I like to think I'm awesome. And I'd like to prove that you are.

An Open Letter to All of You

Ah, Tumblr. How I’ve missed you.

I’m sorry. I’ve been busy with my other blog. The one that I hope will someday help me earn lots of money. But that doesn’t mean I should be neglecting the one that has brought so many wonderful people into my life.

While on the job hunt/house search/eurotrip planning adventure, I’ve misplaced my love of Tumblr. While writing most every day for and trying to make people laugh, I’ve forgotten about forging more friendships based on this here site. While entertaining myself with the insanity of those on OkCupid, I’ve passed on the hours I can procrastinate looking at my dashboard.

I hope to be a better friend, Tumblrworld. I’ve missed you and all your pretty faces.

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Highest Form of Whit

My WordPress blog is one month old today.

It is also at 19,154 views.

I think that’s pretty freaking exciting! It’s like I’m becoming a real live writer or something. And that real live people read my blog on a regular basis.

So for those of you who have checked out my website (, thank you kindly. For those of you who haven’t… what are you waiting for? Worst comes to worst, you don’t enjoy reading it. That sucks for me, but you get your life back and you don’t have to read it anymore. Best case scenario, it makes you laugh and think and enjoy yourself, and you decide to follow it!

I’m at 885 followers. Only one hundred and fifteen more to go until I’m at 1000! Woohoo!

Happy Tuesday!

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I am currently on the homepage of Wordpress for my story on horror movies! Go read it! Go tell your friends about it!

Holy crap, this is a BIG DEAL! The story is called “A Masochist’s Lament.” And I promise you will at least chuckle once.


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Aesthetic—Rough Draft for Sarah

Sarah followed my website:

so she gets a poem! Her favorite word is “Aesthetic,” so with that, I word jumbled it for fifteen minutes, took the twelve words I liked the most, and wrote a poem. The last word of each line is one of the words I brainstormed.


She stands silent: staring at the sea. She hates

the hold it has on her. The waves tease

her spine, sending shivers that scathe.

She lost herself here: the water cast

her about, tumbled her body in the chase

to get to the sand. The water lies. It acts

anonymously, anchoring malevolence and teach-

ing brutally. Barely breathing, she steps forward and cheats

water with her toes. Her heart rate quickens, thoughts no longer chaste

and she runs into the waterwall, the force erasing her aches.

Her breath becomes battered, but stronger. The current heats

her soul. She is on fire. Taking a breath, she dives into ash.

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Join my super secret quest of awesomeness, and get a customized poem!

Wow. Hi, everyone!

Since you took a moment to follow this here blog, if you would do me the honor of checking out my website, and following that if you like it, and liking it on facebook, and telling friends about it… I’d probably propose to all of you.

Or bake cookies and send them to you.

OR! Or. Totally write you a poem. That is something I would actually do. SO. If you want a customized poem written to your specifications, please:

  1. follow my website
  2. like it on facebook (feel free to add me there, too. You’ll find me pretty quick), and
  3. tell everyone you know about it.

I will then write and (if you want me to) email or mail, or post on this here tumblr, the poem I wrote for you.

Pretty, pretty please. This may sound like I’m whoring myself out and… well, yeah, I guess I kind of am. But it’s for my career as a writer. In order to get published, I have to look marketable. And in order to look marketable, I must have an established following.

So join me on my super secret quest of awesomeness. And check out my website.

ETA: Oh! And once you have accomplished at least two of the three tasks set out for you above, comment or message me what you would like your poem to be about. :)

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